Desktop Computers

What Layout Do You Want?

Choosing a layout is a matter of how much desk space you have and how much space you want to save. Keep in mind that the slimmer you get, usually the more you'll have to pay. Likewise, the snazzier looking the system, the more money you'll have to dish out for the aesthetic you want. Below you'll see how desktop towers (the heart of the computer) stack up. Don't forget though that monitors will play a part in how much desk space you'll use up. A basic CRT monitor (like a CRT TV) is big and bulky, while a flat screen monitor (like an LCD TV) is slim and sleek. Read more about Computer Monitors to get the whole scoop.


If you've never bought a computer before, you might find yourself bombarded with lots of unfamiliar terms. Despite the urge to shrug off learning what all these things mean, it is rather important to understand what you are getting yourself into before talking to a salesperson or comparing products online. For the full details in plain speak, please see Computer Specs.

New, Used, or Refurbished

Most manufacturers offer refurbished computers at decent prices. Generally, buying directly from a company that specializes in such models is better than buying a used computer on EBay. Also consider the upgrade options available for your existing computer before buying a used one. Generally, computers will last about two to three years before they need any repair or revamping. After a few years they will certainly require updating, and at around 7 years, it's usually time to say farewell. Research all the available resources and get as much relevant information you need to make an informed purchase. In some cases, it might make sense to hold off a purchase for a couple months in the interest of buying an improved upcoming model. Look for companies to roll out their new product lines just in time for the holidays or around the hype surrounding CES ( Consumer Electronics Show) in January. If you are still hard pressed to find a deal that suits your likings, consider shopping on Black Friday.

Products and Manufacturers

So you know all the basics: how much you want to spend and can afford, and what type of system you need most. Below, check out what is available to buy. That's right. It's time to shop. Below you'll find a featured selection of top rated computers handcomputers/index.html'>Consumer Search. !

Popular Picks

Here are some of today's most popular computer models, ranging from the innovative touchscreen to the traditional workhorse PC.

Economy Models

Work Horses

* Lenovo Think Centre A52: The ThinkCentre desktop towers from Lenovo look every bit like the business PCs you have come to expect from the heir to the IBM ThinkPad/ThinkCentre throne.

Compact Designs

Movies and Film Editing

* WinBook PowerSpec MCE410: Comes with an LCD HDTV monitor and uses XP media edition software. See for more info.


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