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So you want a desk lamp, do you?  I suppose your office just isn't bright enough without it.  Well, you're going to have to learn a bit before purchasing, because there are a lot of options in front of you. Try our article on Light Bulbs to learn more about those options, before you get into the designs of the lamps themselves. There are a few variations in the theme of Desk Lamp. * The Energy Statistics * Type of Bulb * Shape/Size/Footprint

A Little Tutorial On The Technicals

Your bulb is legally required to list a few pieces of information. * '''Wattage:''' How much electrical power it uses * '''Voltage:''' The designed amount of electrical potential ** Most bulbs are 120 volts. Using a bulb designed for more than 120 volts in a 120 volt socket will decrease its efficiency. * '''Brightness:''' Measured in lumens. ** A 100watt fluorescent produces 3150 lumens. * '''Average Life:''' How many hours the bulb will last, under normal usage.

Bulb Options

What Should Your Lamp Look Like?

Once you have an inkling as to what kind of bulb you'd like, take a gander at the varieties of lamp designs.  Someone went to a lot of art school to get that look just perfect.

We Love These Lamps

Here are some affordable desk lamps that don't sacrifice style for function.

Stylish Lamps

These are higher-end models for the home or office.  For those who want to exude a little class while they work.  

Also Look For...

Here are some variations on the traditional single desk lamp.  

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