Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Lighting is an important factor in home and work settings. Thankfully, there are numerous types of environmental concerns as well. Read up on light bulb information and other important extras.


More Variety

Long Lasting Light Bulbs

20,000 hour long life light bulbs are crucial for your home. Save time and hassle by installing these light bulbs and not having to worry about changing them for over 2 1/2 years. These light bulbs are offered in various types: * Full Spectrum Incandescent (75W, 100W, 150W) * Incandescent (60W, 100W) * Incandescent Bugaway * Incandescent Exterior Flood (75W, 150W) * Incandescent Interior Flood (65W) * Incandescent Track (50W) * Globe Lamps

Light It Up!

Now that you've chosen your bulbs, here are some stylish candles to give you a tranquil, softer set of lighting.

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