Computer Monitors

There are many kinds of computer monitors available. Today we have a choice between flat-panel/LCD and traditional (cathode ray tube or CRT) monitors. Here are some tips on choosing the right monitor for your home or office computer.

Factors To Consider

* '''Size and Space''' ** How much deskspace do you have? ** Is your desk space deep enough to accommodate a large CRT monitor? ** Some CRT monitors have stands; take this into account when calculating the size of the monitor. ** If you do a lot of multitasking, you might want a large screen for the increased desktop area you'll have at your disposal. * '''Cost''' ** CRT monitors are the cheapest. A decent 17" CRT can cost less than $200 and often are included in package deals with new computers. ** LCD monitors are slightly more expensive. A quality monitors can be bought for $200-500, but a very large LCD can cost upwards of $1000. *** If you plan to use your computer for visual projects (photo editing, graphics design, etc.) you'll probably want a large, sharp screen. Try and strike a balance between monitor size, your budget, and a moderate to high resolution LCD monitor. *** Likewise, using a computer for more than computing (say watching movies or TV) you'll want a better resolution monitor. * '''Built-In Speakers''' ** may be sufficient. ** For home use, especially if you do a lot of gaming or use your computer as your main music player, you probably want to consider separate, highSpeakers'>Computer Speakers Guide. * '''Warranty''' ** How long is the included warranty? ** For LCD monitors, what is the warranty policy with individual pixel damage? Some manufacturers like Other Fancy Options * Wireless * Touch Screen * TV Integrated

Major Manufacturers

* Apple * BenQ * Dell * Eizo * Iiyama * LG * NEC/Mitsubishi * Phillips * Samsung * Sony * ViewSonic

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