Cheerleading Shoes

Cheerleading shoes are much like other athletic shoes in that you want them to fit properly and be as comfortable as possible. However, besides fit and comfort, a few other factors might play into your buying decision such as price, brand, and style. The first, and most important consideration, is how well the shoes fit you. That means you want them to be: * Lightweight but cushioned... * Flexible but supportive, and... * Snug but breathable. As always, trying shoes on before buying them is the best way to tell if the shoes fit well or not. ! '''What about performance of the shoe?''' * Look for finger grips, grooves and high insteps on the shoes that will help you if you have to do stunts or lifts. One such shoe that is known for its grips is the Reebok Sis Boom Rah. For tumbling, be sure to get a shoe with good support and stability through the ankle area. * If you plan to practice or perform outdoors, it is a good idea to get outdoor shoes that are made of a synthetic leather. Otherwise, be certain to weatherproof your shoes or else they'll fall apart quicker than you can imagine. * For those who tend to sweat a lot, make sure that the shoes you want to get have proper ventilation. * As for color, make sure that either you get a shoe with interchangeable colors or that you know what color your uniforms are so that you can match. Zephz are two companies that include about 15 different color inserts with their shoes. '''How much should I pay?''' Typically, shoes will run from $30 to $50. However, some can cost as much as $70 or as little as $20. Unless you have a strict budget, you should choose the shoe not by cost alone, but according to how well it fits and how you like the look of it. One of the cheapest shoes around at the moment are the