Car Rentals

Renting a car is a simple process that allows you the freedom of getting around to wherever you need to go. Whether you are planning a long-distance road trip or a weekend business trip, having a car is sometimes necessary. With the numerous rental car companies in existence with a wide variety of models and makes available you are sure to find a vehicle suitable for your travels.

Popular Rental Companies and Age Policies

What to Consider Before Making Reservations

After you have done your research and you've decided upon a rental company that suits your needs, the next step is to choose the type or class of car you want to rent before you can make your reservation. Keep these things in mind while making your decision. * What is the nature of your trip? Will you be doing long or short-distance driving? Research what the roads are like where you're traveling; are they narrow, cobblestone streets with not much room for big SUV parking? This will help you to determine what type of car to rent. * How many people will be riding with you? You want to make sure you and your passengers have sufficient room and will be comfortable * How much baggage will you be traveling with? You need to make sure there will be enough space for your luggage through the end of your trip. * Are you totally green? Many rental car companies now have entire fuel-efficient fleets dedicated to helping to keep the environment cleaner.  * Are you directionally inept? If you have a hard time reading Hybrids Guide * Car Features Guide * Travel Essentials Guide * Travel Organization Guide * Road Trip Guide