Video Game Accessories

So you've got your console and a selection of titles, either as a gift or to play yourself. So you're ready to go, right? Not so fast core "gamers." !

Do's and Dont's When Accessory Shopping

* DO check for compatibility, especially when gift-giving. You don't want to buy a PSP carrying case for a DS owner. * DO compare prices. Some companies sell like-new used accessories that are just as good as originals, only half the price or less. * DON'T buy without checking the power source for your accessory. Some, such as many types of controllers, are powered by batteries; standard or rechargeable. Your new tool won't be of much use to you if it won't run. * DO e-mail the seller to clarify questions before purchase. It's up to them to sell you on the device. Make them earn their sale. * DO check out the games that are enhanced with certain accessories before purchasing. For instance, some games adapt to the DS's vibrating DS, PSP or GameBoy Advance without also investing in a carrying case and screen guards. A nasty scratch will ruin your gaming experience for years to come. * DON'T fret about getting cutting edge technology. Game companies are always cranking out new products, so there's no use in sitting around and waiting for the next big thing. Find what you need and go for it, then determine later whether a new innovation is worth a look. * DO try to imagine how you'd use an accessory before you make your buy. If you're only buying something because it catches your eye, you may be selling yourself short if it doesn't provide enough utility for your dollar.