Toddler Clothing Buying Guide

outfits that both of you like. Read on for more information!


* Know your child's height (in inches and centimeters) and weight (in pounds and kilograms) before making any purchases. * Purchase clothing with the thought that your child is going to get bigger, not smaller. * Look for durable and easy-care fabrics. The best options will be machine washable and not require ironing. * It's probably a better idea to stay away from expensive pieces of clothing. Toddlers will be all over the place and their clothes are bound to get ruined and dirty very quickly. * Toddlers should begin to dress themselves. Clothing with easysweater'>large buttons will be less frustrating for toddlers than intricate or small fastenings and closures. * If your child is attending preschool or daycare, you may want to mittens a little easier.

Easy Dressing Options

Dressing your toddler is probably a struggle most days, but these pieces are easy to put on and take off. They can keep your child cool in warm weather and you can change them easily if need be. Remember to make sure that the fabrics are breathable and not too tight fitting, especially with a one piece-you want your child to be comfortable.

Toddler Tops

In the summer or the winter, consider the top options for your toddler. Make sure the necks are wide enough to give them room and, especially in the winter, consider layers. Putting a thin turtleneck underneath a hooded sweatshirt might insulate your child well in the winter months. 

Toddler Bottoms

Since your toddler is at the age where he or she will be walking around, make sure to keep the hems short on pants. While you do want to buy clothing a size or two up, you should also be able to either cuff pant legs or neatly tuck away extra fabric so your child doesn't trip. 

Toddler Shoes and Socks

While experts say that it is best to hold off on socks for as long as possible, it is no secret that as babies begin to crawl and walk around, these will become a necessity. See some tips below. * '''When?''': Booties are a good idea for both infants and toddlers when it gets colder outside. However, socks and shoes shouldn't be purchased until the baby has started to crawl around. Babies' feet can actually handle the little scratching and rubbing of crawling, but it is a good idea to invest in some breathable socks or shoes for the outdoors. Make sure they aren't tight though, as toes need room to move and grow. * '''Nice and soft''': It is important that the first couple of pairs of walking shoes you purchase have a thin sole so that the toddler can feel the ground they are walking on. The material needs to be soft, flexible, and breathable, and high tops should be avoided since it can hinder ankle movement and proper walking development. To check if you are buying the right size, make sure that your pinky can fit between the heel of your toddler's foot and the back of the shoe, and that there is approximately a thumbs width gap between the front of the shoe and your toddler's toes. * '''Velcro vs. LaceSand'>velcro allows you to quickly remove and put shoes back on. Also, make sure that no matter which type of shoe you decide to purchase, it is not fastened too tightly. * '''They grow fast!''' A toddler's feet grow quickly so don't expect one pair of shoes to last more than a couple of months. Be prepared to buy a new pair every three to six months and constantly check the condition of your toddler's shoes to make sure they are still in good shape.

Toddler Clothing for Any Occasion

Make sure your toddler is ready for Halloween or that fun pool party. Pick up some pintthis way your toddler won't be cranky all day wearing an outfit they don't like!

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