We have all kinds of paper at our fingertips these days.  They vary in thickness, weight, brightness, purity, coating, sheen, and how well they take tasks like folding, printing, writing, and aging.  Here is a rundown of the ways in which they are measured. * Weight - How much a ream of paper (500 sheets) weighs * Brightness - The percentage of light the paper reflects as measured by a light meter. The brighter a paper, the stronger the printed contrast. * Color - You know, "white," "red," "black," "mauve," and the like? Color. * Percentage Recycled - Nowadays paper will tell you what proportion of the paper is recycled content. On behalf of the planet, I implore you to buy heavily recycled paper. And then recycle it yourself when you're done with it. Here's why. * Often the names of paper tell you exactly what they're for. Printing paper, Resume paper, Copy paper, Multi-use paper... * Just about all of the papers comes in '''different sizes and colors''', if you look hard enough.

So How Many Varieties Could There Really Be?

*something with a sticky top?

Nope, Not Specialized Enough For Me. What Else Ya Got?

* Glossy paper results in glossy photos. **buy the proper paper for it. * Colored Printer Paper. ** 20-24 lbs and the much heavier card stock *