iPod Speakers Buying Guide

If you have an iPod, you probably want to listen to it at home as well as on the road. Since not everyone has the room, the money or even the knowspeakers'>iPod speakers below.

Know Before You Buy

If you own an original iPod, don't expect that it will be able to dock on the speaker docks. Not all docks work for every iPod generation, so always check to be certain that the speaker dock you want supports the iPod you own. Most come with interchangeable clips to fit different generations, otherwise you can jack in the iPod via a alarm clock radios that are supposed to play the iPod's music when it goes off.

How to Choose

'''Price:''' Speaker docks range from less than $50 to several hundred dollars depending on what type you want. '''Portability:''' The two options are desktop. If you want to take your iPod and the speakers with you wherever you go, a portable speaker dock is the best option. Choose one that is wireless and has a long battery life. If you want to keep the speakers protected and buy the most compact model possible, look for the kind that folds up, such as those with a clam shell design. Desktop models will usually need some alternate power source besides batteries. They generally offer more power and can provide more volume and onboard features. '''Connectivity:''' If you want to hook up your speaker dock to any other multimedia device in your home, look for one with a variety of inputs and outputs that allow you to hook up headphones, CD players, computers and more.

Top Picks

Here are some highly rated speakers by on the market for listening to your iPod at home:

Travel Friendly

Check out these travel safe products to take your iPod wherever you want. !   '''The Best of Both Worlds''' These picks work well for iPods and other MP3 players. * JBL On Tour Portable Music Box ($100) * JBL Onstage ($200) * iPulse ($130)

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