Sleek New Design and More Powerful Search Transform into Shopping Home for the Holidays

The Web’s most comprehensive shopping search engine focuses on brand as it crosses the milestone of 120 million products.

NEW YORK, NY — November 16, 2006 — ShopWiki (, the online home for comprehensive product search and independent buying guides, today announced the launch of a new and improved, rebranded and redesigned user interface. After pioneering several usergenerated video reviews, ShopWiki turned its focus on enhancing the site's brand identity. The new look was designed to communicate its message to users, right from the home page: If you start at ShopWiki, you'll always find what you're looking for. The new interface leads with an eyeedge crawling and extraction technology. As part of the announcement, ShopWiki revealed an improved search reach. The shopping search engine said it is now helping shoppers find more than 120 million products from more than 180,000 online stores in the United States. ShopWiki debuted in April with an industry-leading search index of 120,000 merchants. ShopWiki also boasted an increased number of wiki buying and gift guides — more than 1,500, up from a launch total of 1,000. "ShopWiki has stepped up the look and the feel of the site to complement the hardest-working technology in online shopping," said Kevin P. Ryan, ShopWiki CEO. "We're making ShopWiki a brand that both shopaholics and shopaphobes can love." The redesign also includes several new features: * Personalized “My ShopWiki” pages allow registered users to view their saved searches, wishlist and price alert items and share personal information about themselves with other members of the Shopwiki community. * The "Shopping Assistant" extension, available for users of the Firefox browser, helps smooth the buying process for online shoppers after they have left the ShopWiki site. The ShopWiki Assistant automatically completes Internet registration and order forms on any e-commerce site, eliminating the frustration of having to repeatedly fill out common user information (name, address, email). * A Merchant Center, open for free registration, permits merchants to update shipping and tax data, add contact information and track the number of their offers appearing in the ShopWiki index. Retailers are neither charged for inclusion on ShopWiki nor obligated to submit data feeds, as they are on other comparison shopping engines. Users will begin seeing ShopWiki's redesigned brand across the Web as part of strategic alliances the company is developing with online publishers and other content sites who would like to bring ShopWiki functionality to their audiences. For more information, visit or, with your mobile phone, '''About ShopWiki''': ShopWiki is a shopping search engine designed to help consumers find specific products on the Internet with ease. Established in 2005 by Kevin Ryan, former DoubleClick CEO; Dwight Merriman, DoubleClick Co-founder and former CTO; and Eliot Horowitz, ShopWiki actively crawls the Internet to find and index products from more than 180,000 retail stores — the widest selection on the Web — and features more than 1,500 buying guides written and edited by users. ShopWiki is privately held and based in New York. '''Press Contact:''' !Carlos P. Odio !(212) 741-2450 !codio (at) shopwiki (dot) com
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