Convertible Car Seats

This safety device may save you a bit of money and storage space. If you want your car seat to go from infancy to toddlerhood along with your baby, try a In Summary rated these as the top 6 convertible car seats: * Britax Marathon Car Seat * Britax Roundabout Car Seat * Evenflo Triumph Car Seat * *car seats, read up. Convertible car seats switch from a backwardsfacing for toddlers. A car seat has to fit three things: * Your child. ** This may not be the only seat you'll need. Small newborns may not be secure in this type of car seats. Large toddlers (more than 30 pounds) outgrow these seats quickly and need a larger-sized car seat. * Your car. ** If buying in a store, take it to your car first and attempt to install the seat. If buying online, make sure you can return it if it doesn't fit. ** Check with a local fire department or DMV to make sure the seat is properly installed. * Your skills. ** If you think too many fancy options will overwhelm you and you won't use the seat properly, get a simpler seat. Using your seat incorrectly endangers your child. Make sure you know how to work it. Basic Seat Types !

Fit Your Kid

For many children, buckling into a car seats is part of a daily routine. Make sure it's easy to use and properly fitting. * '''Two Piece Clips''' are more sturdy than '''paperclip''' joiners. * '''Padding''' is essential for safety and comfort. That is, the baby's safety and your comfort. * '''Seat Height''' determines the longevity of your seat. ** Rear-facing seats are outgrown when there's only one inch of shell above the child's head. ** Forward-facing seats are outgrown when the child's ears are even with the top of the seat. * '''Harness Slots''' should be in three places to maximize your car seat. ** Epinions tells you that, "You want to find a seat that has one set of low harness slots, middle slots that are an inch to two inches higher, and very HIGH top harness slots." * Keep your child rear24 months and 35 lbs. Car seats label the weight guidelines for each direction.

Fit Your Car

Buying a seat online doesn't allow you to install the seat in your car before you pay, but take these considerations into account. * '''Smaller Footprint''' on a seat will increase the chances of your seat fitting your car. * '''Easy Belt Paths''' mean that you'll be able to strap your seat snugly into your car. Make sure the paths are straight and wide enough for your hand to work with.

Fit Your Skills

* '''Rear-Facing Belt Paths Under Child's Legs''' or else you'll have to reinstall it every time. * '''Builtall metal clips. * '''Wide Straps''' that won't twist and cut your child in a collision and will actually keep them from twisting out of the seat. ** Use your seat belt as a role model. * '''Easy Harness Adjuster''' so that everything is snug quickly. Front-facing adjusters are highly recommended. * '''Clear Directions''' with color coding or big signs to help you properly assemble the seat. * '''Washability''' in the fabric is always nice. Spills will happen, be prepared.


Price generally correlates with quality in car seats. They average around $80. You're free to spend more or less, depending on what features you'd rather have. With safety,price can correlate, but sometimes it's simply for the brand. Do a little research as well, some brands are worth the price, and some less expensive brands work just as well. It really depends on what's available for budget,

Safety Notes

* Never use a car seat that's been through a collision. * Never put a child in a seat with an airbag. * Make sure your seats haven't been recalled (check the National Highway Safety site).

Top Brands

* Graco * Britax * Evenflo * Combi * Cosco * Eddie Bauer * Safety 1st

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