Women's Sneakers

Whether you're running a marathon or walking around town, there's nothing like finding the perfect pair of sneakers. It's always a good idea to match your needs to a specific type of sneaker, whether it be Converse. This guide will help you find that perfect pair to give you style and comfort. 



A good running shoe will need to give you plenty of support and comfort. Also, you need to take into account the shape of your foot. If you have flat feet, try to find shoes that support stability and have motion control. If you have high arches, find shoes that will absorb shock easily, are cushioned, and more flexible. In the middle? You can choose a wider variety but don't get shoes with motion control.  * Nike Air Max: Lots of cushioning, flexible, and breathable mesh. * Brooks Addiction: Perfect for those with flat feet, will give you motion control. *Cross trainers are perfect for those doing a lot of different activities and sports. They should be able to hold up in the gym and outside playing sports. You'll want a pair that will be durable, supportive, and comfortable.  * Reebok EasyTone Go Outside: Will give your legs a workout with their instability feature, like walking on a sandy beach. * Ryka Intensity XT 3: Leather and mesh will let your feet breathe, cushioning cartridges will give you rebound and shock absorption.


One of the most important features of hiking shoes are durability. After that, being waterproof is essential, even though they can be hotter to wear in the summer. Hiking boots can be good for the more experienced or those doing rough trails. But lightweight hiking sneakers can still provide support and traction.  * Asics Trail Attack: Gel cushioning will absorb that rough terrain shock and the shoe is water resistant but it won't affect breathability * Keen Voyageur Low: Perfect for the summer, these shoes are well ventilated, lightweight, and dry quickly


Not everyone is a runner and sometimes you can feel like the shoe world has forgotten about you with all this new shoe technology. It's important to find a comfortable Shape ups have become the latest craze to work those leg muscles while you walk.  * Skechers Shape Ups: These shoes will improve posture, promote weight loss, and will simulate the comfort of walking barefoot * Nike Air Miler Walk: Breathable mesh, lightweight, supportive midfoot and heel, and forfoot pad for extra cushioning * New Balance WW927: Provides great cushioning, shock absorption, and motion control to minimize rearfoot movement



Canvas shoes come in a wide variety of colors and styles, as well as high top and low top. However, they have very little support and cushioning.  * Converse High Top * Converse Low Top * Skechers Canvas Slip Ons


You don't necessarily have to be a skateboarder to wear these flatfooted shoes. The flatfoot is designed to lay on a skateboard and therefore, won't give you as much support or cushioning as a regular sneaker. They come in a variety of fun designs, colors, and styles. Here are the most popular brands: * DC * Etnies * Vans


Designer shoes always come at a high price. If you're willing to spend more money for your look, try some of these designer sneakers: * Ed Hardy  * Coach * Ecko Red

Quick Picks

* Asics Gel Kayno Running Shoe * Reebok EasyTone Reeinspire Walking Shoe * New Balance WR993 Running Shoe * Nike Air Force 1 * Saucony ProGrid Triumph Running Shoe

Top Brands

* ADIDAS * Asics * Converse * DC * New Balance * Nike * Puma * Reebok * Skechers

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