Women's Tops

Ladies' fashion is so complex that designers and retailers have given up on naming subcategories. Everything you'd wear on top is just called a "top." We're here to try and elucidate consumers and make filling your closet simple.  We're narrowing this category a bitjackets'>jackets.  Read on and we'll help you understand the vast world of products also known as "shirts." As with all fashion, any of these items could be twisted, reconceptualized, and mutated into any hybrid form fabric could allow. Prepare to have your consciousness altered by the array of options before you. As such, this guide cannot describe every permutation of top. So focus on the basics before your imagination runs wild.

What Else Could Go on Your Top?

* '''Many Buttons''' make it more whimsical. Especially if there aren't any button holes. * '''Sashes''' can tie at the neckline, below the bust, at the waist, on the bottom, or anywhere in between. Make sure yours highlights your best features. * '''Ruffles''' add to the romance or goofiness of a shirt, depending on their quantity. If you're not super-skinny, don't put chunky layers over ruffles or you'll balloon. * '''Sparkles''' come in the form of sequins, glitter or rhinestones. These can dress the shirt up a lot, but look out or you'll cross over into the cheesy dimensions. * '''Wrinkle-Free''' shirts keep you from ironing. Nice! * '''Stretch''' shirts have a trace of spandex in them, bringing the shirt closer to you. As long as they're not too tight, this is a refined addition.

How Can They Stay On?

* '''Over the head''' tops just pull on and off. Simple. * '''Buttons''' pull a shirt together from the front or back. * '''Ties''' could be for straps around your shoulders, neck, waist, or back. * '''Spandex''' will keep anything up, if it's tight enough. * '''Hooks''' mimic your bra and add some spice. * '''Snaps''' are like buttons, but with a pop. * '''Zippers''' often go up the front but sometimes tiny ones will be on the side or back, for a fancier top.

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