Winter Decorating

There's more to the holiday season than the major holidays.  Celebrate the start of winter (December 22) and the first snowfall, and keep your house feeling cozy and inviting through the last snowfall. Also keep in mind the tips from the Snow and Ice Snow is a major part of the winter holiday season for much of North America. Celebrate the imminent falling flakes with a decorative touch. You don't need to have literal snowflake obsidian.

Jewel-Tone Colors

You can also go with warmer traditional winter decor: rich and luxurious elements with a deep forest and jewel-tone color palette.


Winter textures should reflect either the shiny, sparkly snow and festival season, or the desire to snuggle into your furniture.


You don't want it to look or feel cold when you're home. Just as you layer up every morning, your house can put on a few extra layers in the winter; luckily, most of these items can be stored during the summer. Additionally, you can change the slipcovers on your furniture to match the season.

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