Winter Clothes for Kids

Sure, the sun still sets pretty late and there are one or two more barbecues to be had, but there's a chill in the nighttime air that can only mean one thing: fall's a'coming. It's time to trade in the floral sundresses and jean shorts for cozy sweaters and corduroy jeans, so read on for tips on building a cozy and comfortable winter wardrobe for your children. 


Do your kids love playing outside in the snow? Here are some tips to keep them safe and snug. * Dress kids in layers so they stay warm and dry. * Have your kids wear jackets and hats in bright colors that are easy to spot against snow and trees. * Be sure your child wears a hat, scarf, and gloves, and keeps his or her ears covered. * Pay attention to weather reports and avoid outdoor activities during severe wind chills and extremely low temperatures. toddlers should not go outside when the wind chill dips to 10º or below. * Ski boot heaters are a great way to keep toes toasty while young skiers are doing runs on the bunny slope. *scarves made of lambswool are great insulators and will keep your little ones warm. * Mittens keep hands warmer than gloves since the air has more room to circulate. * Tuck Winter Style Guide * Infant Clothing * Gloves * Scarves * Snow Blowers