Wine Glasses

If you are a serious oenophile, or aspire to be one, there are some clear rules you should adhere to when purchasing wine glasses.

The Basics

'''Rule #1: Always get clear glass.''' * When choosing wine glasses make sure the glass is made from clear glass. ** Crystal is preferred, but it's expensive. Unless you are very serious about your wine, any kind of clear glass will do. * Being able to clearly see the color of the wine is an important part of drinking and enjoying wine. '''Rule #2: Get a glass large enough to release the wine aromas.''' * Wine glasses should never be filled more than half-way. This allows the top of the glass to capture the bouquet when you swirl the glass. * Good wine glasses taper in somewhat at the top, so that the aperture is narrower than the bowl lower down. * The bolder the wine the larger the bowl should be. A narrow bowl should be used for lighter red and white wines to concentrate the delicate flavor. * A Sauvignon blanc. '''Rule #3: Always get a stemmed glass.''' * Stemmed wine glasses prevents warming the wine with your body heat. ** Red wine is not cognac; it should not come to your body temperature before you drink it. * Having a stem to hold reduces the chances of greasy fingerprints on the bowl, which is much more aesthetically pleasing.

The Only Five Wine Glasses You Will Ever Need

... Unless You Also Like Dessert Wines

However, the "rules" about dessert wines seem to be more relaxed; unless you are very serious about your port, you probably don't need more than one kind of glass for all sweet or fortified dessert wines.

What's Your Oenophile Style?

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