Vegetarian Resource Page

Vegetarian/vegan food and lifestyle options are more readily available than ever before, thanks in part to the Internet. Here are a few suggestions to help you find what you need.


Obviously, food is the major defining characteristic of vegetarian life. Most supermarkets in urban and suburban areas carry vegetarian and vegan specialty foods. Here are some suggestions on where to buy hardfind items online.

Vegetarian Meat

It's easier than ever to make the switch to meatMeat'>meat substitutes available. Generally made from a combination of soy protein, wheat protein, and vegetables, these foods are so tasty that even carnivores will ask for seconds! * '''Dried TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) Chunks ''' ** Great in soups, stews, chili, and casseroles. ** Arrive dehydrated - can be stored longer than many other products. ** Easy to use - add them with a little extra water and they'll soften up in no time. * ''' Not Dogs''' ** Many brands have soy hot dogs available. ** Try searching for: *** Yves *** LightLife *** Quorn **vegetarian sausages. * '''Tastes Like Chik'n''' ** Many brands offer chik'n cutlets that taste like the real thing. ** Try LightLife and Quorn ** Or just search for "vegetarian chik'n" ** Tofurkey and other offer substitutes for turkey as well. * '''Praise Seitan''' ** Seitan is similar to TVP but not dehydrated. ** Most packages of seitan are available in some kind of marinade. ** Some styles are made to resemble cold cuts. ** There's even a veggie tuna called Tuno

Ethnic Vegetarian Cuisine

Don't worry, for vegetarians who prefer natural cooking to meat substitutes, there are lots of options for you as well! Indian, Ethiopian and Thai food all offer meatless dishes with tons of flavor! *Palak Paneer is a mixture of spinach and Indian cheese mixed together and can be found at any Indian restaurant and packaged in most grocery stores. Kaali Daal, Chole and Rajma are also tasty options. Find recipes on how to make them at * Ethiopian: Ethiopian restaurants are a fun change of pace for a night out. Food is served communally on a large serving dish. Under the dollops of food will be a large piece of bread, collard greens and spices.  * Thai: Thai food is great for the spiceThai is probably the most popular Thai dish around so it's easy to find anywhere. 

Cheese Alternatives for Vegans

Trying to reduce the dairy in your life? Miss that good old mac 'n' cheese from the box? Check out some of these sauces, mac 'n' cheese alternatives, and other foods made with nutritional yeast, a popular substitute that makes great creamy sauces. * ''' Nutritional Yeast''' **Red Star brand: in addition to the handy shaker top, their yeast is fortified with vitamins that can be low in a vegan diet. * '''Ready-made foods''' with nutritional yeast are also available. ** Road's End Organics makes a number of mac 'n' cheese dishes *** Macaroni and Cheese is their original recipe. ** Eat in the Raw has a raw Parmesan substitute.


There are lots of options available for animal-friendly gear! From your shoes to your hat, synthetic products can keep you comfortable and stylish all year long!

Vegan Shoe Brands

'''(Note: Not all brands listed are strictly vegan; some are, such as the obviouslyvegan shoes.)''' * Anywear Clogs * Ben Sherman * Birkenstocks * Dansko * Earth Footwear * Ethical Wares * Garmont * I Path * Macbeth * Montrail * NOVACAS * Rinaldi * Shoes with Souls * Splaff * TUK * Vegan Wares * Vegetarian Shoes * Via Vegan

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