The Videocassette recorder was introduced to the consumer market in 1970, but it wasn't until the end of the decade that the devices became household staples. They have since become relics of a different era. In 2003, DVD home rentals outperformed tape rentals and by 2006, most in the industry speculated that tapes would cease to be produced at all. VCRs still cost about the same as the cheapest DVD players and it's hard to advocate the purchase of the devices to anyone except persons with large collections of terribly unpopular movies that don't stand a chance of a DVD port in the next decade.

Recording Benefits

Unlike DVDs, which have a variety of competing blank DVDs if you're looking to do some recording.

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Major Manufacturers

* JVC * Magnavox * Panasonic * Phillips * Samsung * Sony * Sylvania * Toshiba * Zenith

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