Upgrading Kitchen Knives

ByUser:Kristenmollica @timeAndDate(1280505790) You've outgrown the cheap set of knives you purchased when you first moved out. You seem to be cutting your fingers more than the veggies and your roommate has finally figured out that salad should not taste like iron, nor do you own red dressing. Whether you're turning into a culinary expert or you have unusual, secret hobbies with people named Jason and Freddy, it's always a great idea to invest in quality knives that will last a lifetime. Soon you'll be slicing and dicing like a pro.

Blade Material

A knife blade can be made out of five different materials, each offering many different pros and cons. But which material is the best? There is no "perfect" material but some are certainly better than others. Here are the best blades to choose from (in my expert finger-slicing opinion): *cutting board with these knives. They can cut right through your dinnerware.

Other Factors to Consider

Maintaining Your Knives

Now that you've spent all that money on amazing knives, don't let them turn into rusty daggers. We don't want a repeat "red salad dressing incident" again, do we? Here are some basic tips to keep those blades of steel clean and sharp: * Regardless of the blade or handle material, you should always wash the knives with mild soap and dry immediately after use. ** Knives with wooden handles should '''never''' be placed in the dishwasher or submerged in water for very long. Thoroughly dry the handle because the wood can swell.  ** To be safe, I wouldn't place any of your kitchen knives in the dishwasher so it won't damage the handles. ** If you truly want to be meticulous about cleaning your knives, wipe each side of the blade with a soft, damp soapy cloth and then rinse the blade under running water. * Now that your knife is clean, it's time to learn how to properly sharpen the dull blade. There are a few different methods depending on the tool you use, so look to the table below to see how to use each tool. ** If you own ceramic knives, you should either return them to the manufacturer to be sharpened or take them to a specialty knife shop. Luckily, you won't have to do this very often since these knives can stay sharp for years. *** You can purchase a ceramic knife sharpener to sharpen them yourself, but most recommend a professional to sharpen them. Also, your manufacturer might sharpen them free of charge!

Best Individual Knives

If you're serious about upgrading your knives but are still reluctant to spend a lot of money, try buying high quality individual knives that you use the most. Most people use chef's knives and paring knives more frequently so consider getting one or two of each. 

Best Knife Sets

Knife sets are a great way to save money since they give you all the essentials. However, expect to pay a few hundred dollars for topline sets. The last two sets listed are in the $600 range. They are a great investment and definitely worth the money, but I would only recommend it for those who are very serious about cooking. 

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