Tree Toppers

Christmas time is just around the corner and you've got everything ready: the lights, the giant snowman statues, Christmas tree topper. The most classic designs for tree toppers are angels and stars, but you can find all different kinds of choices. Decorating the tree is not just about the holiday spirit but also an occasion to express yourself, so don't be afraid to try something a little more unique.

Silver and Gold

Christmas song about it! Gold has been used as far back as pagan winter celebrations, as the color reminded merrymakers of the golden sun, especially in the cold and sometimes dark days of winter. Silver is often substituted for gold or even white, which is associated with snow. The richness of the colors also stand for the richness of the holiday season.

Types of Tree Toppers

Tree toppers can vary in material, design, and price. Large, small, glass, or tinsel, there are choices to fit everyone's preference and budget.

Traditional Tree Toppers

Religious Tree Toppers

Unique Christmas Tree Toppers

If you are tired of the typical classic Christmas look, or maybe never liked it in the first place, there are plenty of unique tree toppers to display. Pick up one of these and you will definitely stand out from your other neighbors on the block.

Major Manufacturers

* Christopher Radko Tree Toppers * GKI Bethlehem Lighting Tree Toppers * Hofert Treet Toppers * Kurt Adler Tree Toppers * Precious Moments Tree Toppers * Thomas Kinkade Tree Toppers

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