Trays and Bags

Trays and bags are very essential in our day to day living. It is where we store our things for storage or cabinet is not enough because there are things that we need to bring everywhere or refuse that we don't also need which must then be disposed of.


flat with raised edges so that things will not slide or fall off easily. Trays are made of various materials like the stainless steel, silver, brass, wood, melamine, fiber glass, plastic, etc. Listed below are the different types of trays that you can find in any setting: *Bags Bags are very useful for stuffing things. Usually, a bag is a flexible container with one opening but others have two or more than one opening. Below are the lists of bags that we see, use or bring in our day to day activity: *bin bag, is a recycled container where we put our trash for disposal *Top Sellers

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