Travel & Vacation of the Eco-tourist

Who on earth has never sought for a relaxing getaway from their daily routine? With spring break just around the corner and the summertime coming up fast, now is a good time to plan for your vacations.  However, if getting out of the city's high speed pace and overcrowded areas is not enough. If dropping the suitcases in one of those immense hotel complex's room and rushing to  add more pollution to the already extensively exploited touristic sites, does not cut it for you. Maybe time has come for ecotourism, a travel to white sandy beaches and coral reef lagoons for the socially responsible and environmentally conscious. The following guide will take you off the beaten tracks (of "mass-tourism") by suggesting alternative places and introducing the vacationer to undisturbed lands.

Best ecotourism spots, continent by continent

Want to give ecotourism a try and vacation in the world's dreamiest destinations? Here's how to get started. But before you hop on the first plane to any of the following destinations, be sure to get all the crucial information (visa, currency, health and safety etc...) from the relevant authorities.  Don't forget to investigate buying carbon credits to offset your impact from the flight. '''Caribbean and Central America''' '''Europe and the Mediterranean''' *biodiversity and gourmet food will simply blow away your senses. * Cyprus: Picturesque landscape, timeless anchorage in history and friendly locals make for memorable moments. If your heart and mind set you to it, follow Cleopatra's footmarks while dipping your toes in the waters of lazily stretching coastal beaches. Cyprus' ecotourism is only a few steps away... * '''Scandinavia''' is not always the first region to come to mind when thinking about vacationing in Europe, yet, this peninsula has endless fascinating experiences to offer. Travelers keep marveling long after their visit to Scandinavia. Here is a quick word on what fairy tale each Kingdom holds. ** Denmark: Enjoy outdoor fun, city strolls as well as castle and palace visits, and be touched by genuine kindness of the locals forever. ** Norway: Home of the Fjords and reindeer, the natural beauty of this country resides in many a waterfall and panoramic mountain views. In the winter or in the summer you will be swept off your feet. ** Sweden: Spectacular views from the cliffs bordering the lakes, pristine wilderness, forests, beaches, the best nature tour in Europe, hands down. Perfect for hiking, mountain biking, or just romantic promenades. Even the capital city Stockholm has a cozy, relaxing feel to it. ** Finland: Along with Iceland and the Faroes island, it is not part of Scandinavia per se, but claims a cultural (if not physical) attachment to the region. Get acquainted with Santa Claus, go to Saunas, visit marketplaces, volcanoes and other natural wonders in winter or summer. '''Africa''' &NRORIGINALURL=/cultures/enEcotourism'>whale watching. * Tanzania: Named by National Geographic, this country is one of the'>ecotourism. But don't just take their words for it, go check out for yourself. Are you ready for Kilimanjaro trekking, walking safaris, the Serengeti National Parks, visits to butterfly farms and much more! * Reunion island: Bathing in the Indian Ocean, 700 miles from Madagascar is the Overseas French Department of La Reunion. Its volcanic inland composition hosts forests, rivers and crossfree setting. *eco tour in Egypt. We'll try to throw a few ideas for a starter, but really, whatever you are into, you will be able to find and do: Camel treks in the desert, mountain treks, shark adventures, coastal beaches, water sports, wilderness adventures, safaris and the list goes on... |} '''Asia''' * Malaysia: Located South of Thailand in South East Asia, Malaysia and its incredible biodiversity is well worth its legendary reputation. Among other wonders, discover the World's most ancient caverns, jungle treks, a stunning marine life where diving is to die for, countless national parks displaying a bewildering array of species. Shopping is another "wild" card to play there, in gigantic Malls or traditional marketplaces. * Taiwan: If all that comes to mind at the evocation of this tropical island is an imagery of busy bees buzzing in and out of stern skyscrapers and aseptic malls, think again. Many parts of Taiwan specialize in sustainable tourism and offer a vibrant scenery of mountains, wetlands (home to mangrove), foothills, volcanic fields and of course coastal beaches. So you can choose to climb one of the highest point in East Asia, marvel at sites where incredible flora and birds nest or simply immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters surrounding Green island. *Related Guides