Trash Compactors Buying Guide

Tired of the kitchen smelling like leftovers and banana peels? Tired of pulling teeth every night to get the kids to take the trash out? If this sounds familiar, it might be time to consider a Choosing a Compactor The most important choices, besides the style, will be the '''size''' and '''power''' of the unit. Most units come in 15" models, which are the most popular. However, 12" models are available as well. Compacting ram force is measured in pounds. This varies from 2000 to 5000 lbs. depending on the model. If you wish to compact plastic bottles and cans as well as other perishable items, you should opt for a 5000lb ram force model since lower power models are usually not adequate for heavy-duty jobs. Portable/manual models are not nearly as powerful and will not give the same results as an electric trash compactor.

Safety Features

* '''Anti-jam systems''' keep you at peace knowing that the compactor will continue working properly. * '''Tilt sensors''' measure the level at which the compactor is standing on, so that in the case that it is off-tilt, which could be a safety hazard, it will not operate. * '''Removable key knob''' prevents accidental operation, which is an excellent feature for households with children.

Other Features

* '''Built-in air fresheners''' or '''charcoal filters''' help prevent and combat unpleasant odors. * '''Noise insulation''' can help keep the noise down. * '''Tilting trash baskets''' makes using and cleaning a cinch. * '''1.4foot capacity''' fits most kitchen spaces and provides enough capacity for the average household. * A''' toe bar drawer opener''' or '''foot pedal''' are useful for hands-free opening. * '''Reversible door panels''' make it easy to match the trash compactor to your kitchen's decor.

Major Manufacturers

Broan * General Electric * Kenmore * KitchenAid * Viking * Whirpool ==='''Related Product Buying Guides: !'''===