Toy Chests

Toy chests are a great solution to the ultimate storage problem: Where to put all those toys? Toy chests have been around for years.  They provide an attractive option for all the little, colorful items your baby is going to want to play with.  Some of the old fashioned toy chests (maybe even the one you had as a kid) can be used as long as they meet certain safety requirements.  Keep reading to learn more.

Safety Issues

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received reports of death and injury involving toy chests. The heavy lids can fall on children's heads or necks, and suffocation from falling or climbing inside is also a safety issue. How do you prevent this? * Either completely remove the lid, or get a lid support device to hold the lid in the open position. * When buying a toy chest, look for one with ventilation holes that won't be blocked when pushed against the wall, such as the one shown in the picture above. * Also, make sure the chest doesn't have any sharp edges, stuck-out nails, or other parts that could hurt your child.

Notes on Style

The sky is the limit when it comes to toy chest designs.  Want cartoon character on it? There is a toy chest for every taste and style.

Top Styles

* Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy Chest * Americana Toy Box (by Little Tikes) * Wooden Toy Box (by Little Tikes) * Lifestyle Storage Chest (by Step2) * Limited Edition Toy Box (by Kidkraft) To learn more about what to put in that chest read the Baby Toys article.