Therapeutic & Contoured Pillows

Pillows can play a big role in determining how well you sleep. Even if you have the best mattress money can buy, a poorly matched pillow can sabotage an entire night's sleep.  Sometimes conventional pillows just don't make the cut, and that's where specialized pillows come in.  This guide will introduce you to some wonderful alternatives to conventional pillows you never knew existed.  Sleep well!

Luxury Pillows

* Mostly made of .

Memory Foam Pillows

Memory foam adjusts to the contours of your head and neck to provide a superior sleep. * Many are resistant to dust mites, are naturally antimicrobial, and are hypoallergenic. * Most come with a washable, zip pillow cover. * If you really like the feel, you can buy a memory foam mattress topper.

Cherry Stone Thermal Pillows

* Cherry stone thermal pillows can be heated or chilled to desired comfort level. * Great for soothing aching muscles. * Cherry stones do a great job of holding heat.

Herbal Pillows

* Usually designed to be placed over the eyes, although some can be used on the neck. * Contain a blend of botanicals intended to help sooth, relieve aches, and calm the nerves. * Popular herbs include rose, but many varieties are available. * Some are specially formulated for sinus trouble.

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

* Heavy material used for support. * Firm and not compressiblesome people find them too hard, others like the extra support. * Cool, dry and well ventilated. * Buckwheat hulls are the leftover material from buckwheat flour processing. Low quality hulls that are not well treated can have dirt, dust, flour, mold or other allergens. * Pillows are sold overstuffed much of the time - do not discard the extra hulls! Instead, save them to add back into the pillow six months after you start using it. ** The hulls flatten out with use and this will help you achieve the best volume of hulls. * "Noisy"the hulls make a crunching or rustling sound when you move around on them.

Pregnancy Pillows

* Pregnancy pillows can be as minimal as a wedge placed under the belly or as large as a full-body pillow. * Help support your stomach and your lower back when you lie on your side, the recommended position for sleep during pregnancy. * The best choice is the one that works well for you. * Available in a wide range of materials, including various plant fibers, down and synthetic fibers. * See the range of shapes below. * Many can also be used as comfortable nursing pillows.

Back Support Pillows

* Lumbar Support Pillows * Back Rest Seat Cushions * Back Support Car Cushions

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