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Summertime is here and it's definitely not a time be left in the dark. Step into the beautiful sunlight in style with a new pair of killer shades. This guide is designed to help you make the most educated purchase and will walk you through all of the different styles that there are to choose from! 

Sunglasses for Safety

Sunglasses are designed to protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you don't know exactly what UV rays are, then read up: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the component of sunlight which is harmful to our skin. It can cause sunburns and sometimes even skin cancer. It is even more damaging to the face and the eyes, causing burning, wrinkling around the eyes, skin cancer of the face and premature eye damage. Too much unprotected exposure to UV radiation can cause photokeratitis, cataracts and has been linked to causing some forms of macular degeneration. Furthermore, sunglasses without UV filtration might actually do more harm to your eyes than going without any shades; since your eyes are fooled into thinking it is dark out, your pupils dilate, letting in more UV radiation. If you go out of your way to slather yourself with sunscreen before going outside, you should take the extra step and keep your eyes going strong too! Get yourself a good pair of UV filtering sunglasses and get back to having fun in the sun.  Just make sure you're protected.

Safety Tips

* You should always wear sunglasses with at least 99% cataracts (a clouding of the lens of the eye) and damage to the retina. * Lenses should be brown and the larger the lenses, the better. ** Gray will reduce brightness without distorting colors. ** Green will help reduce glare. ** Rose lenses are good for water sports and outdoor activities because they provide contrast against blue and green backgrounds. ** Yellow will reduce haze better than brown but will distort colors. ** Brown will reduce glare and brightness. * Wrap-around sunglasses provide an extra measure of protection, as does wearing a hat with a wide brim or a visor. * Buying sunglasses from street vendors is risky. There's no assurance that the eyewear, no matter how dark the lens, will protect against UV rays. Counterfeit sunglasses are usually easily spotted, but also potentially bad for you, as described earlier in this article. They are no bargain! * Polarized lenses, which normally include UV protection, can help cut down glare on sunny days and are especially useful for driving. *transition sunglasses will become darker when exposed to UV radiation. This is another safe option for protecting your eyes.

Athletic Styles

Most outdoor sports are better on sunny days, but your eyes may ache after a day of cycling in bright sunshine. UV Protection''' ** As with any sunglasses, UV protection is important; keep your eyes safe! ** Polarization is especially important for sports where glare is a problem. If you're spending a lot of time on the water (fishing, surfing, kayaking, sailing) or on the snow (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing), polarized lenses are probably definitely the way to go. Polarization is also a good idea for anyone who uses the road (runners and cyclists) since it cuts down on glare from wet streets and sidewalks. ** Even if you're not participating in sports, many prefer polarized lenses simply for the protection and reduction of glare. * '''Lightweight, Durable Frames''' ** Just like any other piece of sporting equipment, light is better but not if it sacrifices strength. polyamide is also a good choice and it costs less. ** Don't forget to get polycarbonate lenses; they're stronger than glass and don't break as easily. Nothing can shatter your mood more than a pair of shattered sunglasses! * '''Aerodynamics''' ** This might not be that important if you just need a sturdy pair of shades for a fishing trip or your Sunday golf game. If you're into cycling, skiing, or other sports where speed is part of the fun, aerodynamic shapes will distort less while the wind is trying to peel the skin off your face. * '''Lens Colors''' ** Different lens colors are used in different situations. Depending on your usual environment, you'll want to look for a lens that will best suit the conditions. ** Another option is to buy a pair of shades that has Popular Sports Sunglasses

Find Your Personal Style

There are two important things to think about when shopping for stylin' shades: your personal style and your face shape. Not all frames fit and flatter all faces. Check out to learn more about how to match sunglasses (or regular eyeglasses) to your face shape so you'll look your best. You can also look below to see some of the styles available this is just a taste of the variety of glasses there are to choose from. Whatever you do, don't settle for just any pair, and certainly don't just buy some because you think ''everyone'' is wearing them. Rock whatever style makes you feel good about yourself and your personality and you will be sure to get the best fit! 

Buying Tips

* Although you should learn about matching sunglasses to your face, it's more important that ''you'' like how you look in the sunglasses. Don't limit yourself. * If you're looking for cheap sunglasses, stick to plastic and nylon frames. You can usually find a sale. They won't last as long but they get the job done. ** Having an assortment of these come in handy when looking for a pair to match an outfit. Sunglasses are more than eye protection, they're an accessory to your style. * It's always good to have at least one good set of quality designer sunglasses. Wear them for special occasions! * When buying for children, don't go with cheap, flimsy plastic frames. Children's eyes need to be protected too. * Frames should fit snugly but not pinch or rub your ears or nose.

Men's Frames

Women's Frames

Fun Styles

Major Manufacturers

Check out all of these designers directly to see what each of them are doing for the season. This list may seem extensive, but it is important to weight out all of your options before you choose the shades that are right for you. 

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