Stand Mixers Buying Guide

mashed potato eater, it is the best machine on the market for you.



* '''Bowl Size''' ** Bowls come in different sizes, ranging from 4-7 quarts. ** For extra convenience, opt for a model in which the bowls have handles. * '''Mixing Attachments''' ** Depending on your baking and cooking needs, you may prefer to have more options when it comes to add-on attachments. **food grinder. ** Look for attachments that are non-stick or stainless steel for easy cleaning. * '''Power''' ** The wattage of a stand mixer is more important when it comes to speed than the number of speed settings, so when comparing models, look at watt capacity. ** Typical power ranges from 300-900 watts. * '''Speeds''' ** 3-15 speed models are available. ** Remember that a model with 15 speeds isn't necessarily faster than a model with 14 speeds. More options just allow for smoother transitions between speeds. * '''Warranty''' ** The longer the warranty, the better the chances are that the mixer will last. * '''Weight''' ** The heavier the stand mixer, the less chance of it moving during operation.

Major Manufacturers

* DeLonghi * Hamilton Beach * Jenn Air * KitchenAid * Sunbeam * West Bend

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