Guide to Spring Cleaning

With all of the new life and shine outdoors, why not rejuvenate the indoors as well?  This is precisely the purpose of spring cleaning!  It's the time to scrubbing the bathtub may not be your idea of the most exciting spring activity, we are here to help you prepare and organize so that you can remove all of that winter grime in the easiest way possible.  

Cleaning Each Room

Your cleaning will be much easier once you decide how you are going to tackle it, and sometimes this can be the hardest part.  * Doing a little bit of everything at once is NOT the way to go, as it only leads to overwhelming feelings of frustration.  To get the most accomplished, break it down.   * Go room by room.  Cleaning and finishing all of your tasks in one room at a time seems to be the most popular way to go.  You will feel accomplished and you won't have to worry about doing it all in one day.  You can do the kitchen today, the living room tomorrow, and so forth and so on.  Planning out your cleaning method in this fashion eases a lot of stress.  * It doesn't hurt to protect your sinuses and avoid allergy attacks by using dust masks.

The Living Room

Let's start with the common area.  This area of the house is the most lived in (hence its name) and has probably collected a lot of dust and grime from the holidays and snowy winter months.  Set aside a day or two for cleaning and de-cluttering. ''Areas to focus on'':

The Kitchen

Move on to the kitchen, another area of your home that surely sees a lot of action.  Depending on the size of your kitchen, this cleaning can be done in an afternoon. ''Areas to focus on'':   

The Bathroom

Move on this important space that could surely use some sprucing up.  ''Areas to focus on'':  

The Bedroom

Get your personal space in tact.  Organize those shoe boxes of photos and update your linens... you'll sleep better! ''Areas to focus on'':

Your Tools

Below, a few key tools to make your task of cleaning just a little bit easier.





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