Slow Cookers Buying Guide

ceramic and contain a metal compartment which controls heat and allows large quantities of liquid and food to cook over a period of hours.


* Cheaper cuts of meat with connective tissue will take better to slow cookers, as this process will soften the muscle without toughening it. * While it is typically impossible to overcook food in a slow cooker, it can be done. Make sure you have a recipe on hand so your food does not become tasteless from sitting in the cooker for too long. * Don't worry about stirring your food while it's slow cooking, in fact, avoid it. Lifting the lid off during cooking will dissipate the heat and prolong cooking times. * Be sure to clean your slow cooker insert between uses so that you don't have built up stains later on. * After your food has been cooked, you may see some condensation on the lid. Lift the lid gently and straight up to avoid dripping it on the insert. * Browning your meat before placing it in the slow cooker can improve the flavor.


* '''Capacity''': Even for one or two people, consider a larger cooker that can prepare a wide variety of foods. You can always freeze the leftovers. Consider how much space you have to store your model; they typically range from 4 to 7 quarts and more. * '''Temperature Settings: '''Newer models often have settings beyond low, high, and off. Some models have food warmer settings or timers to make sure your food is cooking appropriately. * '''Cleaning''': A removable crock makes cleaning a lot easier.  Also, most models are dishwasher-safe. * '''Lid''':The lid needs to seal well to steam the food properly, so avoid lids that don't sit flush against the cooker. * '''Shape''': Many slow cookers are now oval rather than round to fit larger cuts of meat. * '''Price''':The majority of models cost from $30 to $60.

Stylish Slow Cookers

These fabulous slow cookers are loaded with features and are plenty convenient to boot.

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