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Ski boots can make or break your skiing experience even more than your skis can. Therefore, there should be as little price compromise as possible when it comes to buying boots. Comfort is key when making your decision. When you're spending at least two seasons or more in your boots, you'll be happy that they fit properly and comfortably, even if you have to spend a few extra bucks on a good pair. Otherwise, skiing can become agonizing rather than thrilling. The boots discussed here are for downhill (alpine) skiing, not necessarily focused on cross country.

Deciphering Boot Types

Best Boots of 2011

These are some of the latest models for 2011.  These boots optimize quality, comfort, and performance.


These are the top men's ski boot models of 2011 designed with performance in mind.  Lightweight, strong, and comfortable boots will have you carving the powder like never before.


ski socks, not everyday socks. Make sure to try boots on later in the day after your feet have swelled a bit. It will give you a better idea of how the boots will fit after skiing an hour or two. * Toes should be near the front of the boot but not touching. * Heels should not slip off the boot sole when you flex your knees while in the boots. * The tightening straps should feel firm but not like they are cutting off your circulation. * When bending your knees in the boots, take note of the following: ** '''Too hard to flex'''. Translation: they are too strong for your weight or ability. You will not have enough control over your skis and you will be unable to turn properly. Go for an easier to flex pair. ** '''Too easy to flex'''. Translation: they will not offer enough support for your weight and/or ability level. Avoid this at all costs, as they will cause premature fatigue and may even put you at risk for injury. * Spending some time in the boots you want to buy will work to your advantage. This allows you to feel any tender or sore spots that boot pressure creates. '''Factors Affecting Boot Size''' *children need boots specifically made for them. Obviously, children's boots will be smaller. However, since women's bodies are built differently than men's, they need boots that can accommodate the way their weight is balanced. This again only emphasizes that not all boots are created equal, so sample, sample, sample! * Feet swell during aerobic activity. That is why trying boots on at the end of the day is a more realistic way of determining how the boots will fit while you are skiing. * Socks need to be the right thickness. They cushion your bones and other tender parts of the foot. * Different foot widths need to be taken into account. That goes both for the toes and heels. Since all manufacturers build their boots differently it's important to try on several types before making a choice. What may work well for one person, is not necessarily what will work best for another. * High arches or shallow insteps will all play a role in how a boot will feel on your foot. For some, inserts may make an improvement on the fit and feel of a boot.

About Ski Socks

* When going to a ski shop to try on different boots, be sure to bring along the proper socks that you plan to use while skiing. * For ski socks, thickest is not necessarily the best. * Depending on whether or not your feet tend to sweat or freeze, you may need different materials and/or thicknesses. ** If your feet sweat up a storm, look for a very breathable sock made of synthetic fibers. ** Sweaty, perspiring feet can end up freezing after an hour on the slopes. ** Anything made of cotton will simply trap the moisture and work against keeping your feet warm. * Socks with silk or cashmere are a very comfortable, lightweight option, but they are also quite pricey and tend to wear very quickly. * Wool socks are nice and sturdy while providing a good level of warmth. * Look for combination of materials in socks to get the best pair for your needs.

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