Seasonal Weddings

Sometimes planning is so much easier if you just work with what you've got. If you are having a summer wedding then work your wedding theme and colors around that central motif to tie everything together. The same goes for fall, winter, and spring. This guide will demystify the how-to's of planning a seasonal affair.


* '''Inspiration''' ** The buds and sprouts that are breaking out of the cold ground. ** The first flowers and splashes of color. ** Singing birds and the gentle warmth from the sun. ** Lighthearted whimsy, romance, and youth. * '''Colors''' ** White or Cream ** Rose, Light Pink ** Pale Yellow ** Mint ** Lavender, Periwinkle, Sky Blue


* '''Inspiration''' ** Fun in the sun at the beach or on the water. ** Long and lazy days. ** Warm summer nights. ** Lush greenery, golden sunshine, and bright tropical colors. * '''Colors''' ** Bright White or Sand ** Fuschia, Magenta, Violet ** Daffodil ** Royal Blue ** Tiffany Blue with Mocha Accents


* '''Inspiration''' ** Changing leaves in rich oranges, yellows, and browns, with bright blue October skies above. ** The crisp, fresh air and the earthy smell that comes with the light rains and winds. ** Acorns, harvest time, and cornucopias. ** It's a perfect time to visit wine country for a destination wedding, preferably during September and October. Staying close to home? Simply use wine and vineyards as a theme. * '''Colors Rich Jewel Tones''' ** Ivory, Beige, Taupe ** Burnt Orange, Bronze, Marigold, Rust, Brown ** Mauve, Crimson, Violet ** Evergreen, Sage ** Gem-inspired tones such as garnet, amythest, and sapphire.


* '''Inspiration''' ** Crackling fire places juxtaposed with the icy winds outdoors. ** Soft snow falling quietly and peacefully. ** Skiing, sledding, and building snowmen. ** Christmas cheer, New Year's Eve revelry, peace on earth. * '''Colors''' ** Ivory, Silver, Gold, Champagne, Black ** Hunter Green, Deep Forest Green ** Burgundy, Wine, Berry Colors, Mauve ** Cobalt Blue ** Chocolate