Robotics and RC Toys

Kids these days only seem to care about one thing airplanes'>airplanes, otherwise known as RC toys, are getting more and more advanced with every passing season. These toys can do more than just trudge across pavement, but they can tear through grass, rip it up in the water and glide gracefully through the air. Some models are able to conquer all surface types including snow. As for robots, surely you've seen the wave of consumer robots that have hit the market lately. They are getting smarted and smarter and they come in all shapes, sizes and styles, not to mention a wide variety of prices.

How to Choose

* The first thing you will want to consider is your price range. There are lots of inexpensive robots is over $100. * Be aware of the types of conditions that the toy can handle. Some RC cars are built tough to tackle grass, rocks, dirt, snow and other conditions while others are really only meant for racing on flat pavement. Often you can tell what kind of conditions a toy can handle based on the tires it has; the large, knubby ones are best for rougher conditions (, are a fun and easy way to build your own model airplane or car and they often come with a choice of engine, radio receiver, battery, servos and charger. ** Kits usually include the most of basic things needed to build an RC car, such as a chassis. They require assembly and possibly the purchase of additional parts, such as a motor, transmission, etc. * Robots, despite the stigma that has followed them around since their inception, are not as scary as they might seem. None of the robots made to date are able to pull an ''I, Robot'' move just yet. Thanks to the increasing popularity of robots and modern science, there are a variety of humanoid and mechanical robot toys on the market. They are great gifts for kids and often, even adults will be impressed by them.


You might notice that all the items shown below are manufactured by WowWee Toys. That's because they have made the biggest steps in the consumer robotics scene. Nonetheless, there are some other companies working at developing robots too, which are shown in the second row of robots below.

RC Toys

Below are some popular RC toys in a variety of price ranges. All are commercial RC toys.