Refrigerators Buying Guide

When choosing a new refrigerator, it is more appropriate to search by size and style than by brand. However, for those who have had success with a specific make, you may want to stick with it and just take a look at the improved models. Below is an overview of what you need to consider before deciding on a refrigerator.

Features to Consider

* '''Size''' ** How big is the model that you currently own? A new refrigerator has to fit in the same spot, unless of course you are remodeling your kitchen. ** What are the dimensions of your cabinets? How far out can the refrigerator stick out without being in the way? ** How much storage space will you be needing? Manufacturers tend to overestimate the amount of usable area by 40 percent. ** For small spaces, look for models that have adequate drawers, pull-out shelving, and clear removable bins to get the most out of the limited space and to facilitate cleaning. ** Will there be enough door swing room on either side? Small chest refrigerators and freezers are best for cramped spaces. ** How many people live in your household? For two people, you'll need around 8-10 cubic feet of space and an extra cubic foot for each additional household member. * '''Style''' ** Do you want your fridge to match other appliances in the kitchen? ** Two items that clash slightly aren't a big problem if they are not right next to each other. ** Beware of using too many different styles as it will make your kitchen look cluttered, but don't be afraid to try a funky-looking fridge if your kitchen is otherwise tame. Cool retro fridges might be a good choice for a bar or game room. ** Stainless steel finishes and front panels to match cabinetry are nice touches, but don't forget about the extra cost. * '''Noise and Location''' ** Do you have an open kitchen? ** If it is close to the living room you will want to find a fairly quiet model. * '''Other Features''' ** Touchfriendliness. ** Temperature control should be easy to get to and adjust. ** Adjustable shelves that can be raised or lowered to accommodate items of varying sizes. ** Spill-proof shelving. ** Automatic ice maker.

Refrigerator Styles

These are the different kinds of refrigerator styles and their basic descriptions. For recommendations on the most popular styles, please refer to the '''Top Picks''' table below.

Major Manufacturers

* GE * Frigidaire * Maytag * Kenmore * Whirlpool * Amana * LG *