Cordless Power Drills

The power drill is the power tool you'll probably use the most around the house, so it's important to get one that fits your needs. Consider what you will have to drill (material type), how long you will drill for, where you need to drill, and the following: *Cordless * Drill Type: Screw Guns * Handle Type: Right Angle * Extra Features: Reverse, Adjustable Clutch, Variable Speed


Cordless power drills are more popular than corded ones. Recent technology has made most cordless models nearly as powerful as corded ones; corded drills are mainly used only by professional woodworkers or builders. There is very little concensus about which size of cordless power drill is the most popular; some sources indicate that 18V is the most popular, while other suggest the 14.4V or 15.6V. (Little is written about corded drills, although many of the specs that apply to cordless drills still apply.) There are quite a few options. The Taunton Press reviews a wide variety of power tools, but their ConsumerSearch also covers reviews of cordless drills in a wide variety of sizes.

Cord vs. Cordless


Drill price reflects a number of features, including torque. Torque, which is measured in foot-pounds, is the drill's maximum amount of turning force. Some drills have an adjustable clutch with different torque settings for different applications. Common features you'll want in a cordless or corded drill are '''electric brakes''', which stops the drill chuck as soon as you release the trigger, and '''keyless chucks'''. !

What Size Battery?

The higher the voltage, the more power (9.6drill'>28 volt battery is recommended. Rechargeable drill batteries should last you about five years, or roughly 500 charges, though with frequent use you might need to replace it sooner. They can be pricey ($50-$80) so if your drill was only $100 or less, you might want to consider just buying a brand new drill. If you have a higher end drill, it's probably more economical to buy a replacement battery.

Drilling Method

Drill Bits

Drill Shapes

Top Manufacturers

* DeWalt * Ryobi * Makita * Black & Decker * Craftsman * Bosch * Porter * Milwuakee

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