Plastic Bag Holders

reusable market totes, you will inevitably accumulate those pesky plastic bags.  But if you have a bag holder, you are more likely to put them to use later on instead of just trashing them.  !

Plastic Bag Reusing

Here are some example uses for old grocery bags: * Gardening knee pads. * Your own doggy pooper scooper. * Waterproof layer between socks. * Fruit and vegetable peel catcher. * Wet umbrella holder. * Book protector, requires some snipping.

Top Bag Holders

Bag Holders provide a convenient way to store bags and prevent additional kitchen clutter. These increasingly popular storage units have many benefits: * Prevent cabinets or drawers from becoming full of loose bags. * Keep closets neat and offer compact storage. * Keep bags handy all over the house.

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