Party Gifts: For Your Host

My mother taught me never to go to someone's house or party without bringing something. And boy did she find some of the most unique gifts to bring. If you're feeling stumped about what to get for the next holiday BBQ or party, check out some of these ideas. Or if you are hosting an event and want some kitchy ideas, these guides might help. Below you'll find some more quick suggestions to get some ideas flowing. ! * Patriotic Gifts * Housewarming Gifts * Gift Baskets * Flowers * Food and Beverage

Other Gift Ideas

Maybe it's a last minute party or you are out of money to bring a gift. No worries. Here are some low cost solutions. * '''Bake or cook something''' Make something simple, like an apple pie or some baked ziti. Your host will be grateful for your homemade gift, especially if extra people show up (and we all know how often that happens) and the finger sandwiches disappear in less than 20 minutes. * '''Bring something''' Even if it's something that you aren't giving to the host or hostess, bringing something like a movie you have that the host or hostess doesn't; saves a trip (and the money involved) to Blockbuster. Bringing some snacks or drinks you have around the house can also be a helpful gift. Even bringing decorations and/or helping decorate is a great "gift" idea. * '''Send a thank you card''' If you can't find a gift to bring, send a thank you card after the event. It will show that you enjoyed the party and that you appreciated the invite and the efforts made by the host or hostess. * '''Effort''' You really can't find anything around the house? Try putting in some effort while at the party. Offer to help the host or hostess prepare for the party, carry in any dishes, set up any games, and most importantly, '''help clean up after the party'''. Your host or hostess will appreciate you picking up hundreds of beer cans outside more than a stale fruitcake.

Summer Parties

Gifts for the Gourmet Host

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