Outdoor Dining Buying Guide

Summer is in full swing, and you know what that means: lots of outdoor BBQ's, late night parties, and tons of opportunities for outdoor dining! Depending on your preference for size and color, there are lots of outdoor dining sets available for the ultimate in exterior eating. 


Not sure where to start? Well, before you can buy an outdoor seating set, you need to get some other crucial supplies. Read through the guides below for some ideas.  

Outdoor Dining Sets

These sets are large enough to accommodate any size family or group of friends and provide a supreme outdoor dining experience equipped with comfort and class.

Maximum Comfort

These outdoor sets offer not only a place to dine, but a somewhere to put your feet up as well. Offering cozy couches and footrests with a center table, these sets are perfect for a dinner with friends or just a night relaxing outside with some drinks.

In the Colors

These fun outdoor furniture sets will add some bold color and new life to your patio.


Grilling Tips

Now that you have purchased your furniture, here are a few helpful tips when picking out and grilling your meat.  * Before cooking, always clean off your meat. This will get rid of any excess odors and makes the meat ready for flavoring. * Don't forget to add seasonings! salt and butter are all important when cooking your meal.  * When cooking steak, tenderloin will be more tender. * To grill vegetables, first coat them lightly in olive oil to avoid burning. Also, consider using a wok while grilling so that the small pieces don't fall through the grates. * To make the best burger, use fresh ground or same day beef that is 80-85% lean.  * Use a wire brush to clean off the grill grate after cooking. * Correct barbecue temperatures range between 210-225º.

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