Nintendo Wii Buying Guide

The Wii (pronounced "we") is Nintendo's innovative new console that has turned heads everywhere in the gaming world. Though not as technically advanced as Sony's Video Game Console guide.

What's Up With the Name?

The change to Wii from the system's codename, Wii Fit, are also produced.

Swiit Wii Deals

Kicking it Old School

Online functionality is a given for all modern systems. The system is Wi-Fi ready straight out of the box, as it has router capability for users that do not have a previous wireless system in use. Gamers will also get to draw from 20 years of video games' past through the Virtual Console service mentioned above. Nintendo's WiiWare service allows the purchase of free or inexpensive brand new titles and applications created specifically for download on the Wii. New software is added to the system constantly, and WiiConnect24 means that the system, even when turned off, is connected to the internet to check for software updates.

Fine Online

The Wii gets online via Nintendo Wicard'>Nintendo Points. Like the online currencies used with other systems, points can be purchased as retail cards with online codes or using a credit card directly on the system. Every 100 Wii Points cost one dollar.

For the Techies

Wii boasts 512 megabytes of internal flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports and builtvideo. The Wii does not offer DVD playback but can display a video signal up to 480p in 16:9 widescreen.

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