New Year's Eve

Another year bites the dust, prompting an inevitable reflection on the year gone by. But let's be serious, it calls for a party! Nothing begs an allfavors'>party favors here. Oh, and Happy New Year! Need some help with keeping those New Year's Resolutions?  We have a guide to help you with those too!

 How to Throw a New Year's Eve Party

* Tell your friends and family of the date personally, because you want to make sure they show up. Send invitations! * Buy party favors and snacks. * Time to buy alcohol so you can make plenty of celebratory toasts. In addition to mixers, beer, and liquor, this is the night for popping bottles of champagne. * Make sure you have music. Nice computer speakers with a subwoofer connected to an iPod will usually suffice. * Have something for the kids to doa new year's themed activity or video games for the less creative. * Sit back and have a good time.

The Must-Haves

No matter your style, it just isn't New Year's Eve without these.

Party Ideas

Want to try something new? Check out these fun ideas for an outordinary party.

Host a Retro Bash

In keeping with New Year's theme of reflection, why not host a throwback party? Let nostalgia reign! Your friends will be talking about this for, well, years to come. Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Midnight Breakfast

Ring in the new year with a breakfast buffet.

Casino Night

Just because you didn't make it to Vegas for New Year's Eve doesn't mean you can't party casino-style.

Black and White Party

It's quirky, easy, and most importantly, fun.  This simple color scheme will do, as black and white foods and decorations are easy to come by.  Get creative thoughalmonds'>black and white jordan almonds) on the coffee table for nibbling. Too much gray can be a gloomy color scheme, so opt for lots of bold patterns in high contrast black and white only. And don't forget to wear a zoot suit!

Other Ideas

Keep your kids entertained on New Year's Eve without the help of a babysitter. There are plenty of ways to throw a fun party and get the kids involved at the same time. Here are a few suggestions. * '''Let your kids help with the planning.''' Your kids will be more excited if they feel as if they've had a hand in putting it together. Plus, it gives you an idea of what they'd like to do and if it clashes with what you feel is appropriate and fun. * '''Pick the games you'll play.''' Some suggestions for games include Twister, charades, sardines (a hideseek game where one person hides, and everyone who finds him/her squeezes into the hiding spot. The person who finds everyone last is the next to hide.) * '''Invite a friend or two to spend the night.''' Most people fear drunk drivers on New Year's Eve, so the security of both parent and child not having to be on the road is a plus. It'll also mean more fun for your kids, too. All of them can stay up till midnight or even later, granted that they don't keep you up. * '''Let your children make their own dinner.''' Set up a table with ingredients for a simple dinner (pizza, for example) and let them put together their own dinner. For pizza, buy the dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and whatever else the kids may enjoy.

What to Wear

Whether you are throwing the party or you are the guest, dressing up for New Year's Eve is always a must. Here are some basic ideas that wil keep you looking classy and festive at the same time.  

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