Movie Memorabilia Buying Guide

Make your favorite movies a part of your life, onprops'>props used on the set, movie memorabilia is a vast universe unto itself. Although some pieces can go for thousands of dollars, most people will collect for fun and the thrill of the hunt. Looking for a gift for a movie fan? Get an item from his/her beloved films and it will be cherished.

Types of Memorabilia


This is most important part of collecting. You don't want to buy some memorabilia and find out years later that it's a fake. There are some ways to keep this to a minimum. Authenticating services and other methods prove authenticity, but you'll always want to do some research on the item you want to buy. In some cases a reproduction may be fine of value just make sure you're paying a reproduction price. * '''Third Party Authenticators''' This is the best way to authenticate an autograph, short of getting your items signed in person. Authenticators are independent and unbiased, but look for reputable ones like Collectors Universe or dealers who are members of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. * Some expert advice from the Pricing Pricing can be a little difficult to measure. It all really depends on how much you're willing to spend, but there are a few factors to help guide you along. * '''Age''' and '''rarity''' play a big role in pricing. More current memorabilia will obviously be easier to find than older films. Similarly, an actress who has just won an Oscar will be higher sought than one who's lesser known. ** A deceased actor or actress's signature is usually worth more. * The better '''condition''' the item, the more it should be worth. * '''Content''' can greatly affect the value. Handwritten letters or messages that provide some kind of context or insight into the author's character may be more valuable than a straightforward autographed 8x10. * Some expert collectors recommend looking up completed sales on auction sites like Ebay to get a sense of current market prices.

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