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In an era when communication is readily available, choosing which type of communication device, or devices as the case may be, is wholly dependent on what sort of needs you have for them. Your budget is incredibly important as well, don't let applications get in the way of making a responsible decision. When it comes to electronics, there are tons of applications, accessories, and special features designed to make you buy. Choose which features you need, and some that you want, before you decide to make a purchase. Don't get swayed by salespeople either, they are trained to get you to buy things you don't really need. Tell them exactly what you want before they can tell you what you can't live without. It's hard, but you can do it. Of course, if you do find yourself really wanting that extra GPS application for your cell don't beat yourself up, just decide if it fits in your budget. You can always upgrade later. Also remember that some mobile communication devices can be really great gifts. Getting someone a better cell,blackberry, or GPS, if you can afford it, really makes an impression, especially with family members who like to communicate with you on the go. Electronics can make our lives easier, whether we're looking for a nearby restaurant, or really need to buy a kindle from Amazon from your desk, it's definitely also a boost of reassurance that we can reach loved ones and friends in a pinch. 

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