Milestone Jewelry

Whether for a baptism, a first communion, a Bat Mitzvah or a sweet sixteen, jewelry can be a meaningful gift for any life milestone.  There are two schools of thought about milestone jewelry gifts for young people. On the one hand, you can give a gift that the recipient will wear right away. This includes jewelry that will certainly be outgrown; babies and children obviously wear much smaller sizes than adults. On the other hand, you can give a gift that might not be appropriate right away but the recipient will grow into later in life. Few twelveold girls will wear a strand of pearls, but she will certainly appreciate them when she is a bit older. Your relation to the recipient can also help you decide whether you buy her fine or costume jewelry.


First Communion

First Communion is a special time in the life of a little girl.  Show her how much her special day means with a beautiful gift that she'll treasure more and more as she gets older. ! !

Bat Mitzvah

Although by no means do you need to give a Jewish themed gift for a bat mitzvah, they are a popular choice, especially by family members. Now that she has become a young woman, she deserves some good jewelry of her own. If buying a Judaica isn't your taste (or hers), any fine jewelry is a good choice for her special day.


Sweet Sixteen

Now that your little girl is all grown up, it's time for her to start wearing good jewelry. Goodbye hemp and clay beads, hello gold and pearl! Here are a few suggestions for a ladylike start to her fine jewelry collection; you can find more suggestions in The Classic Jewelry Wardrobe guide.