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What to Look For

* '''Size''' ** Determine the size you need based on your estimated use and the space available in your kitchen. ** If you're buying a microwave for a college dorm, a small model (as small at 0.4 cubic feet) is better and are often priced as little as $30. ** For a family, or if you tend to cook large dishes in the microwave, a large model (as big as 2 cubic feet) is probably better. ** Remember that even if a model says it has 2 cubic feet and the interior isn't a foot wide, it probably can't hold a casserole dish. * '''Power''' ** Microwave ovens range in power from 600 watts (boils 8 ounces of water in 2 minutes) to more than 1200 Watts. ** Recipes usually require a power of at least 800 Watts. ** Many microwave ovens also have adjustable power settings, programmed settings, and defrost modes. * '''Special Features''' ** Convection feature *** This allows you to do much more than just heat up food. It converts your microwave into a mini oven so that you can toast, roast, and bake without making food soggy. Perfect for cooking pizzas or other smaller items. *** It takes a lot less time to heat up a convection oven than a large oven. ** Extras *** Griddles, special pans, and grills may be included with some models to adapt your microwave to doing more than the ordinary. ** Turntable *** This will save you from having to rotate foods that are cooked for a long period of time. *** Helps food heat more evenly without having to turn the dish every minute. ** Timer *** Most microwave ovens today have digital timers. *** A few models have mechanical timers with a dial; these are hard to set for exact times and are not recommended. ** Special Programs and Settings *** Some highprogrammed functions, otherwise, chances are that you won't take advantage of them. *** Some models can also be used as a kitchen timer often quite helpful. *** Some have sensors that will automatically shut off once the food seems to be cooked. *** If you're buying a microwave some hoods can be quite noisy! * '''Other Things to Consider''' ** Noise level (some microwaves are quiet when they cook, others are loud). ** Child Safety Lock. ** How does the alarm sound?

Top Products

Most microwaves today heat food well. These recommendations from ConsumerSearch are based mostly on special features since almost all microwaves tested by various other publications did well at heating things.

Top Manufactureres

* General Electric * Kenmore * Panasonic * Sharp * Emerson

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