Men's Suits

What's a Suit?

"Ha. That's a silly question. 'What's a suit?' C'mon, it's a ''suit. ''A ''suit'', man. Dumb. [pause] So I have these corduroy pants and plaid golf jacket my buddy gave me, if I wore those together" NO! * '''Suit''': blazer, they should be worn with the suit pants or not at all. * '''The Business/Formal Alternative''': Now, certain occasions do allow and even call for a navy blazer with gray pants. This is a good alternative choice for a man interviewing with a company that prescribes to business casual dress.


* If you are more conservative and don't follow fashion trends, get '''a classic suit, two or three buttons, single breasted, in grey or navy'''the men's version of the "little black dress." * '''Jacket''' styles can be single. The choice is up to you. ** A doubleset man. ** Singlechested. ** A tailor is the only person who will ever judge a man by the size of his chest. ** If you're looking for something a little trendier, look through men's fashion magazines or and see what designers recognize as being "in" right now. ** These days the trendiest style in jackets is the Notch lapels are less ostentatious and favored by businessmen. ** Peak lapels are wider and boldernot a great choice if you only have one good suit. * '''Vents''' are tailored into the back of the suit to give men the ability to sit and move around. Never buy a ventless suit. Otherwise there are two choices: ** Single Vent: placed in the center of the jacket's back, the most traditional placement.


* Cotton and wool are your best bets. Of the wools, Seersucker suits are great for warm climates and summer weddings. Linen suits look great on the hanger but wrinkle in the blink of an eye. Leave these to Tom Wolfe.


* The "big" suits in your life should be dark: black for very formal events. * After your first couple of suits, look into some herringbone. * For other color options, consider how often you will wear them, and the settings in which they'll be appropriate. For example, if you're starring in Miami Vice, a pastel suit is a great investment.


* The key to success is wearing the right size. Most men wear clothing that is too big for them either they don't know what size they are, can't figure out international sizes, or the think the baggy look is "in." * While jackets. A jacket should fit you almost perfectly '''on first fitting'''. * How to measure (it is best go to a professional get accurate measurements): ** ''' Chest''': Measure around chest. Go just under your arms, across your shoulder blades, and keep you arms relaxed and down at your sides. ** '''Coat length''': Measure from the highest point of the shoulder down. ** ''' Inseam''': Measure from inside crotch seam to the hem of pants that fit you well, not too long or baggy. It is best, though, to measure this on yourself. ** ''' Waist''': Measure around your natural waistline, which is the point your body creases when bending to one side. ** ''' Neck''': Measure around fullest part of neck. ** ''' Rise''': Measure from the crotch to top of waistband. ** ''' Sleeve''': Measure from center back of neck, over point of shoulder, and down outside of arm past elbow to wrist with arm relaxed at side. * Take your measurements and then convert it to manufacturers S, M, L and XL. To find out how men's non-suit apparel is sized click size chart.


Getting Started (your first suit)

* Two Button Navy Gabardine Suit * Three Button Charcoal Pinstripe Suit

The Advanced Purchases (from lowest to highest price)

* * Two Button Grey Herringbone Signature Super 110's Wool Nested Suit * Faconnable Navy Stripe Suit