Men's Sport Coats and Blazers

The sport jacket (also known as a sport coat or blazer) is a nifty addition to any man's closet.  Throw a blazer on with your pressed khakis with a clean shirt, and you can go just about anywhere knowing that you won't be underdressed.  You can dress a sport coat up or down for a polished look no matter where your're headed. These items are great for travel (as they provide a bit of warmth and are easier to pack than a suit) and extremely versatile. It's important to be confident in your look, so make sure you follow the rules and look great. Here's a quick guide to cover all the basics. According to Men's Fashion Tips, a blazer is one type of a sports jacket or sports coat.  A blazer is traditionally a solid color. Fabric choices for this clothing item can range from the expensive (cashmere and wool) to the cheap (corduroy and cotton). !

Formula for a perfect fit

Essential jacket measurements from DeCalo Fashion: * '''Chest: '''Place the measuring tape high under your arms at the widest point, covering your chest and your shoulder blades. The tape should be completely level. As you breathe normally, have a friend insert a finger between your chest and the measuring tape. This suit measurement yields both your chest and suit size. * '''Shoulder:''' Have a friend measure across the top, back, of your shoulders. For this suit measurement, the measuring tape should extend seam to seam. * '''Jacket length:''' This suit measurement determines the ideal length from the bottom of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. Measure from where your neck meets your back to a point just below the curve of your buttocks. * '''Sleeve length:''' In this suit measurement, determine your sleeve length by measuring from the shoulder to a point that just covers the wrist.

Next Steps

Once you've gotten the hang of wearing your blazer, it's time to branch out and try something more sartorially challenging.  Here are some next steps:

More Options:

Now these choices are not cheap and generally suited for men with a confident dressing style. Try one out if you feel adventurous: * Leather Blazers * Cashmere Sport Coats * Velvet Blazers

Working it into your Wardrobe

Here are four ways to wear your sports jacket # Corduroy Sport Jacket & jeans & crewneck sweater = sporty look appropriate for a club or casual concert # Navy Blazer & Khaki pants & dress Oxford = safe look for any event # Navy Sport Coat & grey flannel trousers & rep tie = an outfit suitable for any restaurant and perfect for travel # Herringbone Sport Coat & flat front black wool pants & black turtleneck = stylish outfit perfect for a romantic night out For more ideas, check out's Complete Guide to How to Wear a Blazer.