Memory Cards

Flash memory cards are essential to digital photography, videography, and PDAs/handheld devices. They are fast, compact, and facilitate high speed data transfers between digital devices. Be sure to check your device before making a card purchase. * '''For photography''': Most digital cameras come with 6460 pictures. You will definitely need more than that for longer trips. * '''For digital camcorders''': Some higher end models make use of extra storage through expandible memory slots for memory cards. Usually these are SD/MMC cards. * '''For PDAs''': Most wireless email devices and PDAs use some form of expandible memory via memory cards. SD/MMC are the most common.

Why You'd Want More and Larger Memory Cards

* It is a good idea to purchase additional memory cards of 256MB, 512MB, or 1GB. * Obviously, more memory is better not only because it holds more photos, but it also saves time when you transfer them to a computer. * For shooting TIF and RAW files, definitely go for the larger memory cards. * Having multiple cards is a good idea so that if one gets lost, damaged, or stolen, not all of your photos will be gone. * You can swap between cards once one is full or when you are changing the theme or setting of your picture taking.

Memory Card Types

Usually when you buy a digital camera you will be given a memory card that is compatible with your camera. However, it is important to have multiple cards that are compatible with both your camera and your card reader. * Compact flash I & II ** Inexpensive, versatile, and easy to find. Bulkier than other memory cards types. ** Compact flash discs are good storage devices, but camera users will want to stick with SD cards, the format of choice for most cameras (with the exception of many Soy products). *Multimedia cards. ** Literally hundreds of digital cameras use SD cards as a storage device. Migrate over to our Cameras and Photography guide to help decide if this is the format that works with your camera. ** SD cards feature a write-protect switch for data security. * xD Picture Card ** Very small with large capacity, these cards are not made for all camera models, so consult the manufacturer for compatibility specs. * Memory Stick ** Proprietary technology for Sony devices and cameras. * MicroDrive ** Cheap, small, but delicate and prone to breakage because of their moving parts. * Smart Media ** Very inexpensive, but only available in low MB capacity.

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