The perfect pout is a major makeup staple for every occasion, whether it be a dramatic evening out, a day at the office or a weekend getaway. It all matters what type of product you use and how you apply it including color choice. Some looks are timeless and others are the fad of the moment. Either way, take into account your personal style and personality as a primary consideration in choosing your look. It is a direct reflection of your inner beauty so you want to enhance it without feeling uncomfortable or overdone. This is a guide to choosing colors and products where you'll find recommendations for popular brands and even application tips.

Choosing Lipstick

Lipstick is a staple item in any makeup bag. You may want one signature hue, or several to mix it up depending on the occasion. Here's how to choose. ! # '''Determine your maintenance level'''. If you want to slap it on and go, a sheer shade is great, but if you are dollying yourself up for a fancy occasion a matte or creme lipstick usually does the trick. # '''Choose the right color'''. It sounds simple, but this is the hardest part about choosing lipstick. The key is to completely disregard what colors look like in their tubes until you know what it is you look best in. Once you have an idea about what works with your skin tones, you can then choose colors with ease. And don't forget that lipstick is like paint. If you've made a bad buy don't toss that tube until you try experimenting with your supposed "bad" colors. You might find that they make the perfect hue when mixed. # '''Don't skimp'''. Get to know your skin and how it works with certain colors through experimentation with cheap brands to start. If you don't like the color you won't feel guilty for wasting money. Once you find your favorite shade, don't skimp on stocking up on the essential hue. High quality lip sticks are well worth the money and will treat your lips with the respect they deserve.

Lipstick Types

Below is a brief explanation of the different types of lip products and some of the top brands for each category.  If you are of the shy variety who doesn't wear lipstick often, you might want to start with glosses and stains to get used to the color. Also, note that slick, shiny colors make your lips pop, which may not be the effect you want if you are trying to keep your look natural. !

Skin Tone & Lipstick Shade

How many lipsticks have you bought only to discover that they look horrible with your skin? The biggest mistake that women make when buying lip color is looking at the shade and not at their skin. Remember, like most makeup, the color is meant to enhance what nature gave you! Just because the new hot color is just to die for, that doesn't mean that you can pull it off. If it's good for your skin tone, then you are lucky that particular season. Also, don't forget that lipstick will bring out other colors on your face (think blemishes, undereye circles and sunburns). If you have something that fits these descriptions, steer clear of colors that will complement them, such as those with red and blue bases. * '''Warm vs. Cool''' There are two types of skin tones: warm and cool. Typically, those with fair or pink skin will have "cool" undertones. Those with yellow, tan and olive skin will mostly have "warm" undertones. Lipsticks will also be cooler or warmer and they should be chosen to match your skin tone. ** '''If you have cool undertones''': Wines, plums, pinks and violets are good choices. ** '''If you have warm undertones''': Corals, nudes and browns are best. * '''Lipstick Undertones''' If you test the lipstick before you buy it, there's a way to check for its undertones to see what effect it will have on your skin. By giving a slick of a tester on white paper (not your hand or your lips) you can see the lipstick for what it's worth. ** '''Red''' Red undertones are usually better on those with cool undertones in their skin. However, beware those with pink skin, as it can cause an increase in overall redness. ** '''Oranges/Yellows''' Perfect for balancing warm skin tones. Not recommended on very pale skin or those with cool tones as it will make you appear gray or ashen. ** '''Greens '''Green undertones, often paired with yellow, is ideal for those with olive skin or those with warm undertones in their skin. ** '''Blues''' These are notoriously dark and sultry, ideal for those with dark skin. Beware though that if they are on the grey side they can really enhance undereye circles.

Fixing Flaws

For adjusting any color keep around a few fixing tones that can help accentuate or tone down your pout. * Gold: No, this is not to be worn on its own unless it's Halloween. Use it over darker colors to warm them up. * Violet: Use it to help cool hues that are too bright or yellowish. * White: Lighten any color with white. * Black: Darken any shade with black.

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