Lip Plumpers

You want lips like Angelina's but what will it take? Restylane? Radiesse? Collagen injections? If you think that going under the knife (or the needle if you want to get specific) is a bit much, not to mention the price tag and health risks that may go along with these procedures, consider a basic lip plumper. So maybe a lip plumper isn't going to give you the same effects as those of a surgical procedure however, they can give your pout the perking up it needs without complications. The bottom line is that lip plumpers are meant to subtly enhance the lips. If you want Angelina lips you're going to have to get extreme.

Lip Plumper Types 

Many people doubt the effectiveness of lip plumpers and rightfully so. They are expensive compared to lip gloss and they don't always yield the results you expect. First off, it's important to understand the science behind them.  * The first, and most basic type, is more or less an enriched version of your everyday lipstick. You'll notice that the primary ingredients are emollients which help fill the fine lines and drench the lips in moisture. Not only will this give you smooth, soft lips, but you might see fine lines disappear. You could easily compare the effect to applying moisturizer. Since the result is temporary and very subtle, these are the least expensive lip plumpers around. You might even hear them called primers (such as Origins Underwear for Lips). * The next step up is a gloss that contains ingredients that either irritate or numb the lips. Some will cause a tingling or burning sensation and turn the lips a bright red shade (such as N.V. Perricone's Alpha Lipoic Acid Lip Plumper with NTD Complex.

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