Law Enforcement Gear Buying Guide

Do you work in law enforcement? If so then this guide can help you find the most popular gear and accessories you need to stay comfortable in the field. !




Your feet are one of the most vital tools in the field, and uncomfortable boots can create unnecessary distraction which can be critical. * '''''Bottom line: don't skimp on footwear.'''''



Tips for a Sharp Uniform

As many already know, one of the most important aspects of 'officer presence' is maintaining a meticulous uniform.  Here are a few pointers you may or may not have heard of: * '''Loose Threads''': Use a nail clipper to trim all loose threads from your uniform. * '''Lint''': Keep a roll of masking tape handy to remove excess lint from your non-work (dress) uniform. * '''Wrinkles''': Every officer knows wrinkled uniforms are completely unsatisfactory. ** If you are bad at ironing, visit a dry-cleaner. ** Creases give an extra sharp appearance. * '''Footwear''': Maintain a good shine on all footwear. ** Dip a cotton ball in a small amount of water. ** Apply polish to your boot or shoe normally. ** Instead of buffing off the polish, apply the wet cotton ball in a swirling motion. ** Buff the shoe or boot. ** Repeat until desired shine is achieved. * '''Grooming''': Follow your department or unit's grooming standard.

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